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What is Car Warranty

A vehicle warranty offers protection against the cost of parts and labour following a mechanical or electrical failure of an insured component.

All new cars come with a manufacturer warranty which typically lasts for three years or 60,000 miles, whichever elapses first. The warranty, minus a few exceptions, will cover anything that goes wrong with the car within that timescale.

Once the manufacturer's original warranty expires, the customer is on their own to pay out for any unexpected repair bills. It will not just be the cost of replacing a part either; there will be the diagnostic cost and the labour charge for fitting the part too. That's where we come in and why having an insured warranty cover in place is important.

The Warranty Direct cover is designed to be a hassle free way for you to extend your protection against mechanical or electrical breakdown, and protect your bank balance if your car goes wrong.

Wear and Tear

'Wear and tear' is the expected decline in performance of vehicle parts, due to the vehicles age, mileage and/or usage.

With alternative warranty products, disputes often arise in regards to this type of depreciation because they incorporate a wear and tear exclusion clause. This makes it easy for them to refuse your claim based on the cars mileage.

Some warranty providers also complicate matters by referring to different types of wear and tear. 'Premature', 'Gradual', 'Normal' and 'General' are terms used to confuse the consumer. 'Premature' will sometimes be covered but the others will frequently not be covered.

Our warranty product covers mechanical or electrical breakdown of insured parts due to wear and tear from day 1, as long as your policy is starting immediately after the expiry of your manufacturer’s original warranty, or you’re renewing your existing Warranty Direct policy. Otherwise, wear and tear cover will start 90 days after the policy start date.

Failure of Uninsured Parts

If an uninsured part fails and damages an insured part, we'll pay the costs for the repair or replacement of the insured part.

Product Benefits

Choice of Labour Rates

You will be offered a choice of hourly labour rates for repairs. You can pick from our trusted network of garages that we will deal with directly during the process of your claim, or choose to use any VAT registered garage of your choice if you prefer. The price you pay for your cover will vary depending on your preference.

Parts & Labour

Warranty Direct covers the cost of mechanical and electrical failure of insured parts depending on the level of cover you choose. Damage to an insured part, caused by the failure of an uninsured part, is also covered.

Emergency Travel

If you are unable to complete your journey due to breakdown caused by failure of an insured part, then we will pay up to the amount shown in the policy schedule towards the cost of emergency travel by train, bus, or taxi.

Car Hire

For valid claims, we will contribute towards the cost of hiring a replacement car, up to the daily limit in your policy schedule (including VAT) for up to seven days. This is only if your vehicle is being repaired under the terms of this insurance and the repair will take over eight hours of workshop time to complete. We will not pay for a hire car for the first 24 hours that your vehicle is out of action.