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Gap Insurance Features

GAP Cover Insurance is available direct from us, so there is no need to purchase it from the dealer where you are buying your car. Even if you have already bought your car but didn’t buy GAP at the same time, you can still buy our cover now or in the future.

GAP Cover Insurance is available for brand new cars, used cars bought from a dealer, used cars bought privately and even cars that you have owned for a long time.

We have a choice of claim limits to suit the value of your particular car and cover is available for periods of up to 4 years. We also cover up to £500 of the motor insurer’s excess if you have to make a claim on your GAP Cover Insurance.

We can provide cover for:

We are confident that our GAP Cover Insurance can meet your requirements and, by choosing Warranty Direct, we can offer the best possible customer service from our expert team. Get a Quote